A short movie that “reflects” on great memories in one biker’s mind. From riding a dusty trail in the forest, fresh loam on a glade, flying in a bike park to a steep lines in the stone pits. 

It doesn’t matter how good on bike you are or what bike your ride, we wanted to show what riding is for me. Simply enjoy the ride, nature and have fun wherever you like - that’s what freeride means for me and always will. The best part is that it has no boundaries.
— Jakub Béreš

It taken a few weeks to get this video done. First location was this forest glade - Jakub spotted a great location that was perfectly directed to west. We dug up two totally new fresh tracks and then shoot during sunset only, so we were limited to approximately an hour of shooting every day.

Next location was our very well known and favorite, Kellys Bikepark Kálnica. If you ever been to Kálnica, you know that it is not only bikepark with perfect flow, but it’s locally known as fly park. There’s so many different jumps and we definitely wanted to show them.

Steep lines and stone pits are kind of a specialty here for Jakub. So our plan was to prepare and shoot completely new lines in new locations. But there are still a few lines to conquer... not everything we prepared we ride-able. Well, not yet ;)


Andrej Grznar